Who we are:

Company made of passionate entrepreneurs, specialized in a burning technology and processing sewage sludge.

Mission statement:

Our goal is to establish a significant global footprint in sewage sludge processing as a service. Offering a pioneering, beneficial service as for service providers and as for service customers. As a result of low cost sewage sludge treatment, burning material creation, ash as secondary raw material.

Origin of idea:

Earlier developed burning technology and recognition of high heating value of dry sewage sludge >> solution for processing with low added energy input.


István Vereckey

Managing Director, MBA

István Vereckey, sr

Manufacturing Director, Mechanical Engineer

László Ercsey

Technology Manager, Mechanical Engineer

Dr Béla Tóth

Legal representative, Attorney and Mechanical Engineer

Csaba Patyi

Quality manager, Electrical Engineer


There is a huge number of small and medium sized sewage plants in and out of the European Union that cannot pass over urban sewage sludge for agricultural use in sufficient proportion (less than 50% in the EU), therefore the management of these sewage plants usually ask and receive permissions from environmental authorities for disposing the communal sludge in disused mines or dumps. Instead of disposal/landfilling – that regularly causes pollution of natural water resources – it would be more beneficial to produce sludge pellets. Such experiences drove us to create the InnoPellet technology, a self-supporting biofuel pellet producing system for treating communal sewage sludge that is economical in case of small scale production too. Five years of research and development led to the successful completion of a prototype machine that received regulatory approval and third-party testing/validation. After finalising the InnoPellet technology, our primary goal is to commercialise the units and relating pelleting services to wastewater companies primarily in Europe and later on the world market as well.

The InnoPellet system offers an economical solution of sewage sludge treatment for wastewater companies. Our technology is a self-supporting machinery for drying and pelleting sewage sludge without external need of fossil fuel or any other additional material. Our technology fits into the ‘energy from waste’ policy of the European Union. It will enables wastewater plants to meet the strict EU environmental regulations and at the same time, reduce their sewage sludge treatment costs with 50-75%.

horizon 2020

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 711540.

Our Services

Our service offering is a unique urban wastewater sludge processing, for small and medium-sized wastewater plants, where we process the sludge and transform it into ready-to-burn Solid Recovered Fuel.

Our main competitive advantage are:

  • – We do not need any external power source, we use our pellet burning for drying
  • – Our unit is very mobile and versatile
  • – Small space required

Why our product is unique:

Unique Dewatering

  • – Using the end product to run the drying unit
  • – Less operating costs in wastewater sludge processing and creating burning material
  • – Quick dewatering as compared to the others
  • – Processing sewage sludge locally
  • – Sewege production is very stable and predictible, continous and stable supply
  • – Remote continuous monitoring of the units

Small size of units

  • – 10t/day unit fits to 230 m2
  • – Less land demand (comparing with solar systems)
  • – Less costs of investment per unit
  • – Considerably less transport costs

Market Opportunity

Each of the over 40,000 waste water plants in the EU face the same challenge: how to dispose the ever increasing amount of communal sewage sludge (European Waste Code 19 08 05 - sludges from treatment of urban waste water) in ways that satisfy the growing EU environmental regulations while reducing their operating costs.


Innowaste’s solution only requires 230 m2 of space, designed to be easily transportable in two 20ft containers, giving the utilities an instant cost savings of 20% vs. the lowest cost alternative today.


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